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Experience a faster, safer, more convenient real estate transaction,
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Most people don’t know if their agent is knowledgeable or not until it’s too late. When you choose a Tru agent, you know from the beginning that your agent is top notch. Introducing reUniversity, an innovative, exceptional, and essential online learning platform for real estate professionals who aspire to grow beyond average agent service to become best-in-class trusted advisors serving consumers in the 21st century marketplace. There’s no better feeling than knowing, before your search or sale even begins, that you partnered with smarter.

Transparent & Accountable

Real estate transactions involve copious moving parts. Our agents are committed to transparent communication and accountable actions, so you can rest assured we’ve got your back at every stage in the process.

Efficient & Convenient

Tru’s tech-centric operations gives you the power to fill, sign, and submit documents from any mobile device. Even better, you can skip the bank and deposit earnest money straight to a secure mobile app.

Smart & Secure

Being “smarter” doesn’t stop with our
agents. Tru’s modern digital closing experience provides safer, more secure,
and more efficient transactions for
all our clients.

Tru’s Blend of Tech & Education Elevates The Real Estate Experience For Everyone

There’s a reason for that.

Tru is a tech-enabled real estate brokerage with an intentional focus on unparalleled agent education. Our blend of tech and education works beautifully, creating a more transparent and accountable transaction process. Tru’s principal goal is to reshape and elevate the consumer experience for the real estate industry as a whole.

In 2018, Tru was the first brokerage in the United States to execute an investor cash transaction on the blockchain using the Ethereum protocol.