Real Estate Shortcuts Billionaires don’t Want You to Know!

Secrets to Finacial Freedom Working Part-Time

I’m Sarah Richardson, Founder & CEO of Tru,
I’ll Tell You how it Really is!

The truth is, billionaires couldn’t care less what you know. The real secrets are kept by the brokerages. Plus, there really are no shortcuts to success in real estate. Tru’s advanced training and coaching will get you there, but there’s no shortcutting the work! The good news? Tru’s new agents routinely earn high five figures their first year. Often, they accomplish this as flex-timers while completing a degree or even while working another job.

What is the Real Opportunity?

Full time income from part-time work.” Heard that one? It’s a good sales pitch, and there’s real truth to it, but… It’s the parts they leave out that hurt soon-to-be agents. Like how most brokerages discourage part-timers. Or how 80% of all new agents fail within five years. Or just how long it takes most agents to finally close their first deal.

Tru has created a training and coaching program that addresses these shortfalls to deliver an honest opportunity anyone can have. When you become an agent with Tru, you ’ll join a female-founded, diverse family of forward thinking, tech-centric agents who value collaboration over competition.

A third of our new agents close their first deal in 60 to 90 days and our agent success rate is 2.5X higher than the industry average. That success can be yours too, if you put in the work. The hours are flexible, and the freedom’s incredible, but you’ll need to invest 21 hours per week executing our rock-solid plan for effective lead generation.

A real estate career is a marathon, not a sprint. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have meaningful, profitable success within months of starting. Great coaching and mentoring will accelerate that process. With Tru, you’ll have mentors and coaches to walk alongside you for your first dozen transactions and beyond.

Nothing is more important for your success as a new agent than choosing the right brokerage because your brokerage determines the environment you work in — even if you’re mostly working from home. Do they have a coaching and mentorship program? Are they collaborative with each other? Do they provide new agents with a game-plan for generating leads and developing a network? How do they feel about part-time agents?

Are High Five-Figures Realistic in Your First Year?
Yes! Here is the Math.

Your average commission on a closed deal varies depending on the price of the home, but looking at the median home sales in your area, you may find a typical commission check is around $6,000. Many of Tru’s new agents are closing 8 or more deals in their first year. These aren’t just the superstars and full-timers. This is absolutely doable in your first year, especially with Tru’s broker support.

Step 1 is getting your license. So, we created Tru’s online licensure preparation making it easier than ever to become a licensed real estate agent.

The Tru Journey

Your Steps to Success

What's it Like to be a New Agent with Tru?

Once you pass your state exam — and over 90% of our student’s pass on their first try — you’ll join us at Tru. Next, you’ll be provided with thorough mentorship and real-world training for your first 13 deals, including:

• Involvement in deal flow under mentorship
• Walking you through the fundamentals of a real estate transaction during your first transactions.
• Orienting you to the latest professional resources, including innovative tech-tools that help with lead generation, networking,
and completing paperwork.
• Advanced entrepreneurial, strategic training for transactions three through thirteen, aimed at accelerating your career.

What does it Cost to get into Real Estate?

Most of the cost to become an agent, for the first year, involves getting you licensed and gaining access to the tools of the trade for professional real estate agents. Here’s how it breaks down:

• Training to pass your State’s Licensing Exam: $300 to $700 (varies by state)
• Taking your licensing exam: $100 (roughly, depending on state)
• Registering as a real estate agent in your state: $100 to $200 (varies by state)
• Joining your local board of realtors: roughly $450 to $800 annually (includes NAR membership)
• Paying for MLS access: $100 per month
• Brokerage Fee: $99 per month

All in, you’ll invest less than $3,000 your first year. Most new agents earn twice that on their first commission check. Compare this to a semester’s tuition at any college. And with Tru, you’re guaranteed a professional career following your investment.

In terms of initial investment and time to ramp up, there’s no better business or side hustle than becoming a real estate agent. You have all the advantages of being in business for yourself — and with Tru, you have the active support, structure and collaboration that comes with being part of a team.

Why haven’t I Heard of Tru?
Why shouldn’t I Join a Bigger Brokerage?

We’re not the largest in America, but we are currently in the midst of a national expansion. In fact, Tru is one of only 12 brokerages
with a national reach.

So, even if you haven’t heard of us, we’re well known in the industry. We’re especially well known for our new agent training and coaching programs. It may seem natural to want to join a bigger company, but the name of your brokerage doesn’t actually help you succeed. Training, technology, culture, and broker support — that’s where Tru excels. And it’s why our newest agents achieve so much, so quickly.

How do I Move Forward with this?

Your first step is to sign up for Tru’s online licensure preparation course aimed at getting you licensed as a real estate agent in your state.
Need more information first? Check out our page specifically detailing our training program, and see what other agents have to say about their first year with Tru.