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Side Hustle

Become a Student Real Estate Agent & Start Building Wealth Now

Real estate can be a great way to supplement your income during college or even help you pay your way through school. Enroll in our pre-license real estate education classes and post-license training and make up to $30,000 in your first three transactions. Close your first deal in as little as sixty days. Learn how Tru Agents and former students found their success at a young age.

Freedom, Flexibility,
Anytime, Anywhere

Set your own hours, be your own boss,
work from anywhere on the go.

Graduate Debt Free,
Pay Your Own Way

Finance your education with real
estate’s limitless income potential.

Network Without
Networking, Easy

Build your business in school. More
friends, more leads, more money.

Is Real Estate a Good Fit for those Still in College, Just Graduating
or as a First Job?

Absolutely. Tru has an exceptional reputation as a fully structured, curriculum-based training, accountability and mentoring program that takes people from knowing nothing about real estate to becoming a licensed, professional industry expert. Real estate offers flexible hours, the ability to work from anywhere, unlimited earning potential and a career that can work for you at any life stage, including as a second or part time career.

Learn. Pass. Earn. It’s all You.

Depending on your state, finishing real estate school can take months, weeks or days. We’ve partnered with the nation’s leading online real estate education providers to make it easier and more affordable than ever to obtain your license. Learn, pass, earn. It’s all you.

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What They’re Saying

"I was 19 years old and had hung my license with Tru Realty. My whole background and education revolved around real estate and marketing however I was still a little lost on what my next move would be. I was introduced to a guy named Jase Leonard. He ran a successful team within Tru and offered me a place on the team. It was by far the best move I have ever made. It would be almost impossible to close your first deal at 19, but with the help of my team and transaction coordinator, Tracy, I was able to close 4 before my 20th birthday. Without the assistance of the team I would never be able to do what I have done, meet the people I have met in the business, or be as successful as I have been. To all new agents, It's a no brainer."

Nick OtisTru Agent

"I can't imagine there is a more comprehensively supportive brokerage than Tru Realty! This industry is fast-paced and ever-evolving and an agent needs solid support to be as financially effective and productive as possible. From the leadership team with Sarah at the helm to designated broker Barry and his knowledge and guidance, Asher's training and mentoring, amazing administrative support and the incredible tech stack, Tru Realty is the best brokerage an agent could ask for!"

Julie MiachikaTru Agent