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Tru Realty is dedicated to providing value to our clients through industry knowledge and a passion to serve our community.

Who is Tru Realty?

We are an Arizona real estate company offering the most comprehensive real estate services in Phoenix and the surrounding markets.

Tru Realty consists of like-minded real estate professionals who put the client’s needs first. Our Arizona brokerage has evolved from specializing in fix-and-flips to providing white glove service to the primary real estate markets including residential, commercial, wholesale, and vacation rentals.

Not only have we grown into five integrated divisions, but Tru Realty has also elevated the quality of service to the client and provides an unprecedented amount of support to its real estate agents. We are recognized as a modern, professional tech-driven real estate company by both consumers and agents alike. The organic growth of the Tru Realty brand has garnered us a reputation for excellence nationwide and recognition for having some of the best real agents in Arizona.

We’re not like other real estate companies … we are a diverse group of individuals who believe in collaboration over competition. We practice this so we can provide our clients with a buying and selling experience that they can’t get anywhere else!

Passionate & Qualified

All of our real estate agents receive state-of-the-art training that includes hands-on experience, meeting with industry professionals, and routine round-table discussions with mentors. At Tru Realty, there’s something for every driven, full-time agent at any stage in their real estate career.

Veteran real estate agents agree, Tru Realty’s training and mentorship program accelerates the career growth of new agents for greater success in the first year of having a real estate license.

We value continuing education, accountability, rewarding high-performance, and leveraging the latest in real estate technology to exceed the expectations of every client.

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Years of Experience
Happy Clients & Counting
Goal in Mind: You

Why Choose Tru Realty?

Experience matters. At Tru Realty, we approach every real estate transaction with unmatched insight, intelligence, and care. Our real estate agents are setting the standard for customer service in the Phoenix market.

When you work with a Tru Realty agent, you get a skilled advisor and the confidence that comes from having an outstanding real estate team on your side during the process of buying or selling your home. We measure our success by the satisfaction of our clients and the level of drive our real estate professionals bring to the table every day to be better for you!

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Our Leadership Team

Behind every successful business is a group of dedicated leaders. Tru Realty Executives and Division Leaders each bring a diversified skill set to our brokerage. As a result, we have assembled a dynamic and well-rounded support team. From strategists to educators, they uphold Tru Realty’s values to better serve our clients, our agents, and our community.

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