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Big Questions & Big Answers From Our Leader Sarah Richardson - Tru Realty

Big Questions & Big Answers from Our Leader, Sarah Richardson

What do consumers want from their real estate agent?

High touch and a high level of service go hand in hand with agents who treat real estate as a profession. Those who stay educated and stay organized can operate a highly successful real estate business.

In today’s digital-first world, a consumer can “comp” a property on their own. They can also get all the property information, neighborhood statistics and other important data that is typically provided by a real estate agent. As agents, we need to go the extra mile with the service we provide so that we can protect the value that’s associated with our commissions.

What is the current consumer perception of real estate agents?

The consumer perception of the real estate agent is changing rapidly. As with many things driven by consumer perceptions, it will vary from person to person. One thing is for sure, consumers have lots of choices when it comes to their real estate needs.

We now live in a world where testimonials and customer ratings are heavily weighted by consumers searching for an agent. Be cognizant of this with every interaction you have with your clients.

Are you noticing a trend yet?

In addition to this, many new (and younger) homebuyers or sellers are turning to technology as a simple way to buy or sell a house. Some see this as a bad omen for things to come, I see it as an opportunity to improve the level of service we provide. At Tru Realty, we will NEVER get outperformed by a competitor or a computer.

What values are consumers looking for?

Today’s real estate agents are not only competing with other agents for business but they’re also competing, in a way, with the savvy consumer and the latest prop-tech innovation.

All aspects of the home-buying journey can be conducted online from home search to closing. Consumers want to work with a real estate agent who brings valuable insight, timely follow-up, and friendly customer service to the transaction. This is true for both buyers and sellers.

What are some key attributes of a great real estate agent?

  • Knowledgeable, timely, and friendly
  • Capable of negotiating a GREAT deal for their client
  • Keep the process moving and keep all parties out of legal issues

As I’ve mentioned before, consumers want to work with people they feel will give them a positive experience. An agent who knows how to buy and sell homes professionally while always being approachable and courteous will always be in demand.

How do agents show consumers the value they bring to a transaction?

  • Constant communication
  • Transparency
  • Market knowledge
  • Contract knowledge

Most consumers see the value in the agent through their ability to negotiate a favorable deal, steer clear of stressful hurdles and make every effort to keep the escrow process smooth.

How are Tru Realty agents different?

Consumers who entrust Tru Realty to help them buy or sell a home feel well-represented. Our agents always have your best interest at heart and are incredibly responsive and communicative. We love technology as much as anyone. We use it to improve the way we do business every day, but there’s something about human interaction that can’t be replaced.

Tru Realty agents are well trained, knowledgeable about navigating any aspect of the real estate transaction, have strong negotiation skills, and consistently bring a hustler mentality to get the right deal done for our clients.

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About the Author

Sarah Richardson is one of the preeminent leaders of residential real estate in the country. As CEO and founder of Tru Realty, she is responsible for both the daily operations and oversight of multiple growth strategies the brokerage carries out. In 2010, Sarah launched Tru Realty to better serve a marketplace that was seeing a shift from auction-centric fix/flips to an MLS flow. With an inspired vision to be a leader in residential real estate, Sarah built a strong and dedicated team who closed an astonishing 450+ deals in the brokerage’s first 6 years of operation.


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