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Become an Agent

Looking for a rewarding and profitable profession with a company that invests in you?

Tru Realty can help you establish your career in real estate, including a steady stream of leads to kick start your success!

Whether you’re a seasoned agent looking for a better fit or you’re just starting out in the industry fresh off graduating from the Arizona School of Real Estate & Business,
Tru Realty can help you grow your real estate business.

Why Tru Realty?

We regard ourselves as a forward-thinking company because we work hard every day to provide self-improvement opportunities to our real estate agents, support staff, and leadership team.

As real estate professionals, we are impacted by so many variables on daily basis that the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to embrace personal growth and training as a core component of our brand.

Training & Mentorship

Guiding you to be the best version of yourself.

Superior Technology

Pivoting towards new systems geared for success.

Agent Referral Program

Bring in the best, get rewarded.

IRA Options

Earn with us, save for retirement.

Real Estate Careers at Tru Realty

We have built specific processes into our brokerage’s operations that allow us to learn, retain, act, and succeed!

Tru Realty agents are provided with top-notch real estate agent training, including involvement in deal flow under mentorship, the latest resources, and innovative tech-tools to help them excel further in the industry.


Transaction Coordiination

Marketing Support

Administrative Support

Better Resources.
Bigger Success.

Our newly trained agents hit the Arizona real estate markets performing at the same level as a realtor who has spent at least two years in the field.

If you’re ready to work alongside the best and jumpstart your career in real estate, contact us today to see if you’d be the right fit at Tru Realty.

Connect with Us

TRU University

At Tru Realty, our training is advanced and ongoing. We provide our agents with a wide array of training courses that fit their busy schedule. We understand that your time is limited but your desire to learn is not. Being the very best means putting in the time and effort to stay abreast of market trends, technological advancements, and the competition. We never want to stop learning and growing!

Become an Agent - Sarah Richardson


“The minute I was introduced to Tru Realty I knew this was the company I wanted to be a part of! The CEO Sarah is incredible and has built a company and team that is forward-thinking, technologically advanced, and truly has a heart for their clients and their agents!”

Samantha Sloan

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Who is Tru Realty?

Tru Realty is one of the fastest independent, full-service brokerages growing in the state of Arizona, and soon to be nationwide. Led by one of the preeminent leaders of residential real estate, Sarah Richardson has put Tru Realty on the map by becoming the first real estate company in Arizona, and the second in the US, to utilize blockchain technology in a transaction
– the future of real estate!

Known for their superior technology, training and mentorship programs, agent benefits and a thriving culture, Tru Realty is the nation’s leading Proptech brokerage for the successful, savvy, forward-thinking agent looking to scale their business, advance their career and generate wealth.

Does Tru Realty offer Training and Education for New and Seasoned Agents?

Tru Realty’s training and mentorship program is one of the main attractors for new agents joining our brokerage, and our advanced educational modules are the reason why seasoned agents are coming in droves to experience the future of real estate.

Tru Realty has the most successful track record of getting first-time deals into escrow than any other broker in the state. The typical Maricopa average for an agent’s first deal is 6 months. Through our training and mentorship program, new agents will get there 100% faster! We offer discounted CE classes, guaranteed SAME DAY ACCESS to our Brokers and Mentors, and new
agents will receive FREE transaction coordination services for their first 5 transactions.

Tru Realty’s state-of-the-art educational modules will advance even seasoned agents wanting to remain at the forefront of the ever changing real estate industry. From learning about blockchain technologies within real estate, to integrating a digital securities platform into their businesses, to working with the first title company building on Ethereum 2.0, Tru Realty’s advanced learning modules will modernize an agent’s business allowing for savings and efficiencies in what is currently a very slow and bureaucratic system.

What are the commission splits, fees and start up costs?

Tru Realty’s financial model is 100% agent-centered. Our 85/15 agent/broker split with a $15,000 cap allows seasoned agents to build wealth quickly.

We are incredibly investor focused and believe in the idea that agents should utilize their license as a means to build personal wealth. With that in mind, we have a scaling price structure on all investor and/or personal transactions starting at $50 and capping at $700.

There are no brand royalty or franchise fees. No quotas or memberships. No desk fees. We are also one of the very few FULL SERVICE brokerages that will pay E&O. New agents will also receive free usage of listing signs for the first year, as well as their first 500 business cards.

Our monthly fees are based on a 4 tiered program designed with the agent’s success in mind. The programs are progressive, building upon each other with the top program offering discounts on agent services and brokerage leads, full access to Tru University and all educational modules, monthly masterminds and VIP passes to exclusive events. To learn more about our
programs, please fill out the form above.

Do you offer additional revenue streams?

Yes we do! And in fact, when you look at some of the more known brokerages around the nation (i.e. EXP, Fathom, Real Broker, Keller Williams, Compass, etc.) all of these companies have 1-2 revenue streams for agents. We have SEVERAL and more to come as we expand nationally!

*Coming Soon!* Stock Options – Discounted and Incentivized
We believe that agents should be rewarded for selling real estate, NOT recruiting agents. That said, we reward agents for production. The more an agent sells, the more stock they will receive! We also offer discounted stock options for all Tru Realty agents, which can be purchased out of future commissions.

Revenue Share
We are not your typical MLM real estate brokerage where agents become walking billboards. Not us! By simply referring an agent to Tru Realty, our agents earn up to $3000 per referral through our 2% referral program. Even more, we will offer a $10,000 stock bonus for high producing referrals. A simple hand-off to our recruiting department is all that is required.

Matching IRA
At Tru Realty, we invest in our agent’s future! With Tru Realty’s SIMPLE IRA, our agents can put a percentage of pay aside for retirement, and Tru Realty will match up to 3%. The money will grow tax-deferred so agents won’t have to pay taxes on their investment growth.

What is the culture like at Tru?

So much depends on the culture and environment of a real estate brokerage. We get it! Here, at Tru Realty, we come from the school of thought that there is enough business for everyone if we help our fellow TRU agents. With this in mind, you will find that Tru Realty agents are collaborative, communicative and productive. Our office environments are high performing, yet fun and friendly. Weekly meetings are incredibly synergistic with seasoned agents reaching out to work with newer agents, and top affiliate partners sharing the latest market trends within their industries. Tru Realty’s open door policy is reflective of our hospitable culture, allowing agents access to our licensed and experienced administrative staff.

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