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Historic Homes
in Arizona

Tru Historical – a Division of Tru Realty

Arizona is home to some of the most architecturally appealing homes in the country. The Tru Historical Division is focused on working with buyers looking for the perfect property in a neighborhood that has character and visual interest, and houses that fit the client’s needs.

We are equally interested in working with sellers who have a house to offer that is architecturally notable, or a contributing component of one of the 36 historic districts in Phoenix or in cities around the Phoenix metro area.

Tru Realty is a full service brokerage with agents who specialize in residential real estate in well-known areas around the valley including the Willo Historic District, Encanto-Palmcroft Historic District, and more.

Are you ready to buy or sell a home in a historic neighborhood in Arizona? Do you need help finding the ideal location and a home that fits your unique taste? Contact us today!

Featured Historic Home Listings in Arizona

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Buying A HistoricAL Home
In Arizona

At Tru Realty, we look at “Historical” in a very broad time horizon from the handful of 19th Century houses to the Bungalows and Period Cottages in the established historic districts in the central core, to the more innovative and sustainable designs of the Mid-Century modern 60s era. There are options throughout the valley!

Some houses will be perfect and move-in ready, others may need work, but that choice is really up to the buyer. A Tru Realty agent can help you find options in all conditions and price levels.

If you’re considering buying or selling a historic home in Arizona, look no further.

Tru Historical is here to help with all that and more!

Roger Brevoort

As Director of Tru Realty’s Historical Division, Roger Brevoort is both a career preservationist and a seasoned Realtor.

Roger has an encyclopedic knowledge of what is available on or off market, and he uses his expertise to find the right house for your needs and desires.

He is also well-versed in how to deal with the eccentricities and needs of an older or historic house to make a deal work. Roger has built a collaborative group of experienced Tru Realty agents who share his passion for working with clients to buy or sell properties that have character.

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Aside from our historical division focused on finding homes with a unique history and character in Arizona, Tru Realty also specializes in wholesale, commercial, and luxury real estate.


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