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Tru Historical serves buyers and sellers in a characterful and unique market that can be hard to pinpoint from an age or architectural perspective. At Tru Realty, we consider “historical” quite broadly, from 19th century homes to bungalows and period cottages to the more innovative designs of the mid-century modern era.

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We’re excited to represent both buyers and sellers in the historic market. We understand the particular nuances of this niche market: the allure of history and architectural design, stewardship of the past, and also the issues of historic homes that differ from newer construction.

Some houses will be perfect and move-in ready, others may need some love. Once buyers decide to make an offer, they should be well informed on the possibility of preservation regulations, specialty appraisals and insurance, and other restrictions. 

Historic properties are a commitment, and both buyers and sellers should enter into a transaction with their eyes wide open. Tru Historical can help make old house dreams a reality.

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Meet Roger Brevoort

As Director of Tru Realty’s Historical Division, Roger Brevoort is both a career preservationist and a seasoned Realtor.

Roger has an encyclopedic knowledge of what is available on or off market, and he uses his expertise to find the right house for your needs and desires.

He is also well-versed in how to deal with the eccentricities and needs of an older or historic house to make a deal work. Roger has built a collaborative group of experienced Tru Realty agents who share his passion for working with clients to buy or sell properties that have character.

Watch the video to the right to get to know Roger!

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