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Through better support, better tech, and better education, Tru Agents are performing better than their competition.

Is your broker providing you with industry leading response times? Do you have multiple ways of increasing your revenue streams? Are you running on a technology stack that allows you to work smarter and faster than ever before?

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Education that Empowers

Get the Tech, Training, & Broker Support You Need
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Introducing reUniversity, an innovative and exceptional online learning experience designed exclusively for career advancement and agent development over the life of an agent’s career. Say goodbye to three ringed binders and sales scripts from the 90s. reUniversity delivers engaging, informative content for real estate professionals who aspire to grow beyond average agent service to become best-in-class trusted advisors serving consumers in the 21st century marketplace.

Empowering Agent Success

Tru’s proprietary systems and technologies help agents spend less time with administrivia and more time building relationships and scaling their businesses. Our tech-centric philosophy attracts partners who help your deals close faster and safer than ever before.


revolutionary education platform for all levels

Tech Stack

industry leading software infrastructure that makes work seamless & efficient

Learn & Earn

program for agents to earn stock or crypto for their efforts in reUniversity

Revenue Share

plan for agents to earn by supporting our blossoming community through referrals

Influencer Program

fun and easy program for earning stock through social media promotion

People Process Production

No matter your innate talents, background, skill level, or experience, Tru has everything you need to position you for success.

Tru Stories

“The minute I was introduced to Tru Realty I knew this was the company I wanted to be a part of! The CEO Sarah is incredible and has built a company and team that is forward thinking, technologically advanced, and truly has a heart for their clients and their agents!”

Samantha SloanTru Agent

“I joined Tru Realty this past fall after two years as a Realtor in Scottsdale. There is a tremendous amount of support in both technology and directly from the broker. The entrepreneurial spirit is contagious yet the feel of being part of a team is not overlooked. I couldn’t be happier!”

Sam MobelyTru Agent

Thousands Just Like You Choose Tru

Ever feel like you’re competing with the agents in your brokerage? Here at Tru, we value collaboration over competition. We seek out entrepreneurial spirits like yours. We genuinely believe that your success is the centerpiece of ours. Our greatest desire is to equip you with the tech, tools, and training you need to reach the next level in your career, and the next, and the next… If this sounds good to you, simply click the button below.

Better Technology

We embrace and adopt emerging technologies to help free your time for building relationships. Tru’s robust tech stack helps you build smarter and faster than ever before.

Better Education

reUniversity, our superior education platform, and our commitment to comprehensive agent training exemplifies why Tru agents are quickly becoming the most knowledgeable agents in the USA.

Better Agents

At Tru, you’ll belong to a diverse group of like-minded, forward-thinking, tech-centric, and talented agents who value collaboration over competition.

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