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Real Estate
& Training

Tru Realty is comprised of a network of extraordinarily talented real estate agents. We actively attract the very best real estate agents in the State of Arizona.

During our on-boarding process, we institute a rigorous training program that is unmatched in our industry. This program is beneficial to both new agents and veterans alike.

Our mentorship and training program provides Tru agents with real life, hands-on experience that walks through each step of what can be a complicated transaction process.

We bring in leaders from important ancillary industries like home inspections, title, and mortgage to discuss best practices and other ways to serve our clients more effectively. We also regularly address anything and everything that can impact our market.

At Tru Realty, we want our agents to have an unparalleled ability to understand market conditions and trends. This allows us to provide each and every client with an extraordinary real estate experience that always exceeds their expectations.

Tru University

At Tru Realty, our training is advanced and ongoing. We provide our agents with a wide array of training courses that fit their busy schedule. We understand that your time is limited but your desire to learn is not. Being the very best means putting in the time and effort to stay abreast of market trends, technological advancements, and the competition. We never want to stop learning and growing!

Careers at Tru Realty

We’re always looking for top talent in the real estate industry!

If you’re looking for change, consider partnering with a real estate company that isn’t content with what everyone else is doing. We elevate traditional real estate, leveraging the latest tools and technology for a better experience from open to close.

Why Tru Realty?

We love this industry! Learn more about the perks of buying and selling with a real estate company that truly cares about its clients and their needs.

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