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reUniversity delivers engaging, informative content utilizing a variety of eLearning methods and approaches to suit different learning styles. Courses, seminars, and coaching are current-market savvy and tech centric, but also inviting and approachable – all designed to empower agents to build increasingly valuable, client-focused businesses.

reUniversity is a critical point of difference between the 80% of agents who fail in their first five years and the 20% who enjoy meaningful, profitable success over their real estate careers.

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The Industry Leading Learning Platform

reUniversity provides training and education via four distinct programs: rePrep, reFundamentals, reAcademy, and reBachelors. Become a more effective, more efficient and more educated agent with reUniversity at Tru.

rePrep introduces agents to Tru, our culture, and our incredible tech stack. Agent success is our top priority. We don’t just say that; we prove it by providing training and support that exceeds anything in the industry. Coaching sessions, mentoring, and self-directed education opportunities are all available to help agents build a thriving real estate business quickly. Moreover, Tru offers some of the best tech tools out there to boost agent success, and we also offer training to get up and running in no time.

Fundamentals grounds newer agents in the essentials of today’s “in-field” real estate practice. Combined with agent dedication and drive, reUniversity’s Fundamentals maximizes the opportunity for agents to become confident, competent, and successful in a dynamic and increasingly digital marketplace. They’ll also benefit from individual coaching and mentoring guidance as they begin working with clients and closing their first few transactions.

At the Academy level, agents who’ve graduated from Fundamentals will begin to build on their foundational training. More seasoned agents will appreciate the added depth, detail, and sophistication in Academy courses that expand into a more nuanced approach of industry topics. Experienced agents can also start exploring options in real estate specializations.

Bachelor’s level courses are designed for agents who have logged significant time and/or closed a considerable number of transactions.  Such agents are consistent and highly competent professionals who’re interested in proactively closing any strategic gaps in their experience, or in taking a deep dive into an area of specialization with breadth and detail.

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They don’t teach you the essentials of real estate practice in real estate school. But we do.

Pre-Licensing Test Strategies 16:02

Better prepare for your licensing test with this concise video course on real estate-specific studying tips and strategies.

Decoding Emotions Teaser 2:04

Learn how to better read and react to your clients’ feelings with this snippet of our Decoding Emotions course. Join today for the full course!

Working with Sellers Teaser 2:44

Learn how to better represent sellers with this teaser cut from our in-depth educational role-play on expired listings. Join today for the full course!

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Infographics, checklists, eBooks, and more. Agents can personalize PDF resources like checklists!

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If knowing is half the battle, I am definitely winning with Tru’s training and education platform. Easy to navigate and so fun to learn on. I had such a great time with Stu and reUniversity that I’m already looking into continuing my training. Oh, and the “learn and earn” program doesn’t hurt either. The training is different. It’s better. I don’t just open doors. I’m a trusted advisor.

Leticia Hinojosa – Tru Agent

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An innovative and exceptional online learning experience, reUniversity is the preeminent resource for real estate professionals like you who aspire to grow beyond average agent service to become best-in-class trusted advisors serving consumers in the 21st century marketplace.