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Why choose Tru Realty?

Tru Realty puts major emphasis on training and mentorship that benefits both new real estate agents and veterans of the industry. We’re on top of technology. We equip our agents with a dynamic CRM and marketing tools to help them thrive in a crowded market.

Tru Realty cares about its staff both professionally and personally, which is why we offer health benefits to all our full-time agents (which is 99% of them).

Our Values

If your goal is to continually provide outstanding client service and support for your community in the process, then you may just find your home here at Tru Realty.

We understand we’re not for everyone and not everyone is a great fit for us, but we respect the hell out of those who follow their ‘why’ as we do.

Tru Values

Mentorship & Training

Tru Realty has a track record for turning agents into closers.

 We focus on giving our agents the real-life guidance they need to accelerate their careers. There’s no shortcut to success in the real estate industry but we give you a leg up.

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