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Stephen Page has traveled the world through his father’s career in the United States Air Force. Stephen continued his travels through his own career in the Air Force as a fighter pilot and has lived in Thailand, Japan, every country in Europe, and all over the United States as well.

Stephen believes in a customer first mentality, honesty, integrity, accountability, and commitment. Values he has carried into fatherhood and emulates for his son and daughter.

Stephen also had a career in education as a member of the faculty at the University of Phoenix where he taught classes on Critical Thinking, I.T., Computer Science, Leadership, Management, Business. He holds a B.S. in Math and Computer Science from the U.S Air Force Academy and an MBA in Business and Marketing from the University of Utah. As a result of his studies, he rose to a Senior Management level at IBM and Intel and eventually obtained his Real Estate License in Arizona.

Stephen has accomplished many things in his life thus far and still finds time to have hobbies like golf and skiing. One the most impactful ways he spends his time is in ministry through his Catholic faith. He is a Religious Education Teacher, Prison Minister, and Homebound Eucharistic Minister.

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