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Introducing Tru’s Technology Stack

In a world that’s changing at lightning speed, Tru’s tech stack empowers you to provide superior service and build your business smarter and faster. You’ll crush the competition with our powerful infrastructure of resources and technologies.

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Our Incredibly Powerful Tech Stack

Enjoy the Best CRM

Engage your leads in a streamlined all-in-one platform. Follow up with clients immediately and efficiently using the best CRM available today.

Get Quality Leads Fast

Utilize superior lead generation apps for fast access and detailed insights into each lead to see which are most likely to close.

Close Digitally & Securely

Close deals remotely– both you and your clients — with confidence in the utmost security for every transaction.

Mobilize Social Media

Activate marketing apps that schedule social media posts for you; simply set up a schedule and forget about it.

A Game Changing Real Estate Experience

Tru offers agents the best tech to deliver swift, secure, and stress-free transactions.


Follow your transaction from start to finish with a unique progress tracker. Get real time notifications and updates directly on your phone.


Sign and submit documents safely, swiftly, and securely in seconds from your mobile device.


Never miss a beat. Stay in your groove by skipping the bank and the office. Deposit earnest money directly via a secure mobile application.

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Total Value of $1,700+/mo.

Get it for just $99/mo.

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