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How Agents Can Use ChatGTP To Generate Localized Content And Become Subject Matter Experts

March 22, 2023
Have you heard of ChatGPT? It's been burning up the internet lately, and you might…

Historic Preservation – What Realtors Should Know

August 4, 2021
Any Realtor who has been in the Valley over the last several years should now…
Home Buyers

Understanding The Home Loan Process: AAR Purchase Contract

July 14, 2021
As a buyer, there are certain contractual obligations you must meet when purchasing a home…
Vacation Rentals

Is Investing In A Vacation Rental A Good Idea?

June 22, 2021
Seems like an easy yes or no, right? The answer is like most, it depends.…
Market OutlookSarah C. Richardson

2021 Housing Market Update: What You Need To Know

June 1, 2021
When people see you as a leader in the real estate community, it’s common to…
HistoricalHome Sellers

Realtor Tips For Selling A Historic Home In Arizona

April 29, 2021
A historic home in Arizona? Almost sounds like an anomaly. Surely there is nothing old…
Careers in Real EstateSarah C. Richardson

Introducing Tru University

April 21, 2021
When I started Tru Realty back in 2010, I was shocked by the quality of…
Home Buyers

Terms To Know Before Applying For A Mortgage

April 14, 2021
As someone who has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years, I…
Vacation Rentals

Rise of The Monthly Vacation Rental

March 19, 2021
Looking to hold onto your home after you move, but nervous about renting it out?…
Commercial Real Estate

How to Get Started in Multifamily Investing

March 15, 2021
For many individual investors, graduating from single-family rentals to multi-family properties is the next step…
Home SellersSarah C. Richardson

Why We Developed a Seller Contingency to Adapt to Low Inventory

March 1, 2021
Year over year we are facing over 40% less inventory in the housing market than…
Home Buyers

3 Tips For Buyers in a Seller’s Market

February 23, 2021
Being a buyer in today’s real estate market is a bit like competing in the…