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It’s All in the Title

Real Estate Title Company In Phoenix

Buying a new home is usually an exciting time in the lives of our clients. As realtors we want that excitement to far outweigh the stresses that can come from the home buying process. If you can do so you will most certainly secure future referrals and maybe even repeat business in a saturated market.

Having a title company that puts an emphasis on customer service can make all the difference for you and your client.

In our business having a strong, thorough and professional title officer can make or break your transaction. An experienced title officer can answer important questions regarding the transfer of title, the recording of the deed and the not so friendly consumer- friendly settlement statements. Often times, title officers are the last people in the host of players in a real estate transaction giving them the ability to leave the transaction on a positive or negative note.

As a real estate agent finding a title officer who is responsive and capable is critical. It’s imperative that they be responsive to your client so as to clarify any uncertainty or issues regarding the terms of the contract. The title officer has great influence on the overall buying experience so be sure to maintain a positive working relationship with them at all times.

As the CFPB enacts tighter restrictions, real estate companies will see diminished perks from title companies. What used to be a free component to your real estate business may now be a required cost passed onto the agent. Be diligent and maintain clear lines of communication with the title company … especially their marketing department. Clarify your needs and the needs of you client all while being certain to stay in compliance with the CFPB.

Written by: Sarah Richardson

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