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Moving to Arizona: A Realtor’s Guide

Are you or someone you know relocating to Arizona? If so, I want to be one of the first to say congratulations! Welcome to the copper state with beautiful mountains, amazing sunsets, fabulous outdoor activities and more opportunity than rays of sunshine (or close). When it comes to relocating to a new city, it’s important to plan for the WHEN, WHERE, WHAT and HOW.

When do I need to move?

There’s really two camps when it comes to this question. There are people with very specific timelines, like someone moving for a job, who may also have relocation assistance from an employer. Then there are people with more flexibility when it comes to the decision to move. For instance, a couple that’s planning to retire and start a new chapter of their life in the Arizona sunshine.

Whatever camp you’re in, it’s a must to pinpoint a timeframe to help come up with a plan. Searching for a home, searching for land, or coming up with a timeline for your home builder are all paths that look very different.
An experienced real estate agent can be a great benefit to you when making this plan. They can guide you through the various steps necessary to make sure the timing is just right for your move.

Where should I move to in Arizona?

This is perhaps the most important question to start and is best done with the help of a real estate agent based in Arizona with market knowledge, expert insight on neighborhoods, and the tools to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Deciding on a location usually comes down to two main things: budget and home criteria. First you need to figure out how much house you can afford and narrow down neighborhoods that have homes in your price range. From there, you want to look at those neighborhoods’ proximity to important landmarks in your life like your workplace and/or schools, if you have children.

Once you have an idea of what you can afford and the general area that appeals to you, then you can look at home criteria. Here is where you can get into the details of how many bedrooms are a must and any other home features that are deal breakers for you and your family.

At Tru Realty, we factor in many different things (some you never even considered) to help you make the best possible real estate decision for your personal life. Our goal as real estate agents is to consult with you to find a home that’s both practical for your budget and perfect for your lifestyle.

What do I need to do to prepare for a move?

Now that you have the WHEN and the WHERE figured out, I would spend my time organizing. Get rid of things you know you don’t want to bring with you and purge your current home to minimize excess. You want to do this before you move so you’re not spending extra time and money later.

Getting a qualified moving company is also extremely important to help organize, plan, and execute timelines. Any great real estate agent can assist with this and has the information at the ready.

How do I find a real estate agent in Arizona?

As mentioned, I recommend finding a real estate agent in Arizona pretty early on in the home buying process to help make your life easier during a relocation. At Tru Luxury – a Division of Tru Realty, the C|M TRULUX Group consults with clients from the beginning to the end and helps with all the pieces in between. From organization, to packing, to finding the right home, the C|M TRULUX Group is here to help make the moving process a seamless transition. The result is less stress and a high rate of success.

For more information or to begin with an initial consultation, give me a call.

About the Author

Cheryl Malcolm is Director of the Luxury Division and Associated Broker at Tru Realty. She was raised in the Bay Area of California by a real estate savvy family that instilled in her a deep understanding of the industry. Cheryl’s passion and integrity paired with a lifelong connection to real estate are what inspire her to provide clients with the highest quality of service.

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