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Why You Need a Realtor When Buying Newly Built Homes

There are lots of people who just love to tour model homes. As a realtor and an interior designer, I especially enjoy it! When I arrive at a new home community, I’m always excited to see new technology, innovative floor plans, design trends, the interesting ways materials are installed, and, most importantly, the overall layout of the community.

I know that those of you that visit model homes are with me on this. The models are air-conditioned, attractive, color coordinated, bright, airy, and smell good. Ideal pool areas are not to be missed either.

I guess I’m also a home improvement program junkie. When I look at models I like to think how “house hunters” are viewing them. It is amazing to see how the power of HGTV has influenced the new home and home improvement markets. Who knew that barn doors, subway tile, and shiplap are must-have details?

So when people begin to tour new Pheonix homes the questions start…

“Do we see ourselves living here?”

“Have we already mentally moved in and named the rooms?”

“What are the positives and the negatives of the home?”

“Will we be able to pay the mortgage?”

The home builders are more than ready to make the new home buying process not only easy but appealing! Now comes the tricky part…

What is really happening at new Phoenix home model centers?

As a realtor, I now look at model homes in a whole new light (I’ve built two new construction homes in planned communities in the past). Building a new home is emotional. We fall in love with the community, the model, how much more space there is inside and out, etc.

We also fall in love with the friendly on-site salesperson. They are so helpful, knowledgeable and want to make our dream home come true. When we visit new construction models, we are “just looking” and that helpful on-site salesperson is just super…with no pressure to buy! We feel that the salesperson is our friend that helps us achieve our goals. They explain upgrades and secrets to picking out a lot while offering us fantastic incentives to finance our Phoenix dream home. Sometimes they’ll even help you to sell your existing home. The reality is that most of us don’t know that the on-site salesperson works for and represents the home builder. In hindsight, this is logical if you think about it without emotion.

Here’s where the realtor in me gets upset.

Phoenix new home buyers need representation and they need it throughout the buying process.

Buyers need someone that has a fiduciary duty to protect their interests and guide them while contemplating a new home purchase. Using a realtor in a new home purchase does not add to the purchase price of a Phoenix home. It is adding a professional to your side of the real estate transaction, one that is not in it emotionally invested in it. Those incentives the home builder offered are still in play with a realtor by your side. Most of us don’t think of upgrades in terms of the overall sales price and how it relates to other homes in the neighborhood or the appraisal.

Do you want to own the most expensive house on the block?

What about those open spaces that are not identified on the map?

My first new home build backed up to a vacant commercial lot. It was suggestively sold to me that a bank might be built there. In hindsight, a fast food restaurant was also zoned for that property. I was in it emotionally and could not see anything wrong with the suggestive sell. I sold this property years later before something horrible was built on that lot. I’m a detail person and had totally missed this big “what if!”

My advice to those of you considering a new home purchase is to take a professional realtor with you EVERY time you visit model homes in Phoenix.

It’s important that your real estate agent is on your team right from the start. New home builders, as a rule, will not allow a realtor to be involved with your purchase unless they accompany you on your first visit, hence all of the signage on the sales office front door stating that fact.

The benefits of having a real estate agent with you throughout the new home buying process include:

  • Making sure all aspects of the construction have been properly inspected. Home builders do not typically utilize independent or private inspectors during the building process.
  • It forces the builder to use a traditional, state-approved contract that has protections written in it for all parties.

Lastly, an important thing to note.

Your realtor works on a commission from the sale. We as realtors do not charge hourly for our service. A superb real estate agent is there to guide you through the purchase of a newly built home and as such will advocate for what’s in your best interest regardless of how much time it takes.

These are just a few reasons why you should look to a having your realtor involved in the purchase of a newly built home. At Tru Realty, we know the ins and outs of home buying. We are here for you regardless of what type of home you are buying. 

About the Author

Glenn Stepanovic is a real estate agent for the Phoenix real estate company, Tru Realty. He has lived in North Scottsdale for over a decade and has a background luxury interior design that he uses to help his clients make detail driven decisions about buying a home. Should you ever consider purchasing a newly built home, be sure to contact one of our Phoenix real estate agents to assist in this exciting endeavor by filling out the contact form below!


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