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Housing Market Trends: Realtors, Don’t Lose Momentum During the Holidays

Many people look forward to the holidays as a period when business slows down and more time is freed up for personal endeavors. New real estate agents can fall into this very common mindset, especially those that have transitioned into real estate from an outside industry. They wrongly assume that other agents are winding down for the year and think everyone is taking it easy, including their current and potential clients.

Realtors, don’t fall for it!

Why it Makes Sense to List a Home During the Holiday Season

As you would expect, there are fewer homes on the market during the holidays, but that shouldn’t signal you to slow down. Your clients are not slowing down! They may have taken time off for family and celebrations, but in between that time, they’re taking this opportunity to get things done in their personal lives.

Anyone eager to list or search for a home around the end of the year will find time in November and December to think through and solidify their real estate goals. Anyone ready to sell could also be ready to list … especially if their current home hasn’t met their family’s needs during the holidays.

Don’t forget about the renters! They may have already set a new year’s resolution to become a homeowner and don’t want to waste any time. In any case, you want to be proactive with those clients who are ready to make their next move.

Consequences in the First Quarter for Agents Who Slow Down

The last quarter of the year is the time to thrive and get after it when others are distracted or taking time off. Agents that slow their business down around the holidays are likely to end up with fewer closings in the first quarter of the new year. Setting the wrong pace for quarter one could be detrimental to meeting the goals you’ve set for the year ahead.

It’s also common for realtors to slow down their prospecting around this time, which slows down your deal flow. Remember, transaction timeframes trend at a minimum of 30-45 days.

This does not mean you have to neglect family time and holiday traditions right now. Similarly, when we overthink prospecting, we forget that when we are in front of other people in our everyday lives — we are prospecting! The casual holiday party, the school play, the shopping center are all places where conversations with strangers can turn into buyer showings and for sale signs in front of homes. If you do this right, your loved ones won’t even realize you’re working!

Unmatched Training and Support to all Our Agents at Every Level

Jokes aside, you should absolutely take time for yourself around the holidays to connect with family and friends. You should also keep your eye on the ball as you go about celebrating your holiday.

At Tru Realty, we mentor new real estate agents to be pragmatic, go-getters. We want your career in real estate to be fulfilling and rewarding. Our brokerage offers unmatched training and support to all our agents at every level. If you’re interested in joining one of the top brokerages in Arizona, contact me.

About the Author

Asher Cohen is a licensed Realtor and Director of Sales at Tru Realty. He specializes in residential real estate in the greater Phoenix area. Asher and his team are committed to professional, reliable, and knowledgeable service to all of their clients—from first time home buyers to seasoned investors. He’s experienced in all facets of the market and takes great pride in listening to his clients’ needs to provide the best possible service.

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