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Work-Life Balance For Realtors In 2020


I know it’s not necessary to go through a litany of reminders on just how this global pandemic has affected our lives in 2020. I don’t think there’s such a thing as an unaffected industry. With the lines of working where we live being so blurred this year, work-life balance has never been more important.

For many of us, our day to day physical space has literally contracted. As professionals, many of us have had to reevaluate our time management skills. For Realtors and entrepreneurs like us, working from home or working odd hours isn’t new. We’re somewhat used to this but it doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from a few tips.

Time Management for Business and Personal Life

A while back I wrote a blog post with time management tips for real estate agents. I wanted to revisit the tip to ‘prioritize’ and break it down to apply it to what we are currently going through as an industry.


It’s still important to prioritize big important tasks first, however, give yourself a few easy wins early on in the day to motivate yourself to keep checking things off the list. We could all use more motivation and this gives you momentum for the rest of the day.


Reviewing the day ahead to know exactly what you need to accomplish reduces stress levels and keeps projects moving forward with ease. Taking an extra 5 minutes at the end of your day to plan for the next day still applies. That is a great habit to get into as a real estate professional.


Creating days and times to not work is just as important as a plan for the workday. Given the stresses related to a global pandemic, it’s important for you mentally (and physically) unplug from constant work so that you can re-energize your mind, heart, and soul.

Saying no to a client is OK as long as you set the ground rules or expectations upfront. Wherever there’s a ‘no’, there had better be another option or solution to follow it.


With more virtual meetings and less time spent commuting we’ve gained extra time in our day. This is not a drill! We’ve been asking for more hours in the day for years (especially if you’re a parent). Even if it’s a few extra minutes here and there, don’t let that precious time go to waste!


One of the things I’m most grateful for this year is the ability to spend more time with my wife and kids. With the stress and challenges of navigating change (and potentially homeschooling for some), don’t forget to take a step back to appreciate these moments.

Takeaways from 2020 and Moving Forward

Extraordinary times bring out the best or worse in people. Be highly conscientious of this every day and strive to be the one who excels in challenging times. This will set you apart from others and result in a better reputation, more referrals, and most importantly a great real estate experience for your clients.

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About the Author

Asher Cohen is a licensed Realtor and Director of Sales at Tru Realty. He specializes in residential real estate in the greater Phoenix area. Asher and his team are committed to professional, reliable, and knowledgeable service to all of their clients—from first time home buyers to seasoned investors. He’s experienced in all facets of the market and takes great pride in listening to his clients’ needs to provide the best possible service.

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