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How To Find The Phoenix Real Estate Brokerage That Is Right For You

How I Found The Best Phoenix Real Estate Brokerage

It’s all very serendipitous! It took me a few years of not really knowing what I TRU-ly needed in a Phoenix real estate brokerage.

From the very beginning, I wanted to make certain that my brokerage would provide outstanding service that went beyond my client’s expectations. That is my standard provision for every single client because they are my client. This left me knowing I needed more than just a place to hang my real estate license. I needed a brokerage whose wealth of knowledge and expertise in the Phoenix real estate market would be shared so that I could continue to do what I do best.

Tru Realty is that leading real estate brokerage that allows me to deliver an extraordinary real estate experience to my investing clients, first-time home buyers, vacation property owners, retiree clients, relocation clients, and everyone else who is in need of the excellence I provide. I needed my brokerage to be knowledgeable on all facets of the real estate industry. I needed a broker that’s available to help me and my valued clients in those down to the wire moments … without any exceptions. I most certainly did not want to limit myself to a particular neighborhood or a designated price point. Nor was I interested in representing a particular niche in this wonderfully diverse industry.

After all, my niche is being excellent in delivering top-notch client service and being dedicated to my client’s ultimate success.

I found all that I was looking for at Tru Realty.

Distinguished real estate branding, amazing technology platforms to help keep me organized for my clients, the highest standards in transaction management, a professional environment, and a dynamic, approachable broker along with an amazing team that provides me the flexibility to soar as an agent. Tru Realty provides me with the structure for managing and organizing my business so that I can have the work-life balance to keep my disposition resilient.

I am thriving in my business and this is a direct result of the choice I made to become a Tru Realty agent.

About the Author

Atasha Tallie has spent over 20 years working in the mortgage, legal, and real estate industries starting in the San Fernando Valley and now in the Valley of the Sun. Atasha’s key to success in the Phoenix real estate market is providing impeccable service to all of her clients by leveraging Tru’s tools and technology. If you think that Tru Realty is the right Phoenix real estate brokerage for you, reach out to in the contact form below!

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