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How I Used Facebook & My Brokerage To Build My Personal Brand By Melissa Hoyt, A Real Estate Agent At Tru Realty

How I Used Facebook & My Brokerage To Build My Personal Brand

If you would have asked me a year ago how to use Facebook to perpetuate my personal real estate brand – I would have told you “I’d love to, I know I need to, but I have no clue how to!” In fact, a year ago, I’d barely made the decision to come back into the real estate industry full-time. Once the decision was made, I knew I needed to do it big!

I understood the importance of using Facebook to market myself as a real estate agent. I had what I thought was a pretty good Facebook following on my personal page with approximately 750 friends.

That’s good, right? Wrong!

Maybe if I’m posting pictures of my kids, vacations, animals and checking into restaurants it fine, but if I’m trying to build a successful real estate business, I soon learned this number needed to grow, and grow quickly!

Creating A Specific Real Estate Agent Facebook Page

I didn’t have a Facebook business page, so I immediately created one. It’s free. One thing you’ll learn throughout this post is that I’ve basically built my entire real estate business over the past year with a very small amount of marketing dollars.

Do I have your attention yet?

It just takes creativity, hard work, persistence, and relationship building.

I had no idea what I was doing with my Facebook business page, but it was created and you could find it. I made the decision to attend multiple social media seminars specifically for real estate agents. It’s important to learn from the experts. These classes are free and available all the time, so be sure to look and see if they’re available near you. Often times your title company will host them.

Getting “Likes” On Your Real Estate Facebook Page

The first thing I did on my business page was I invited all of my personal friends on Facebook to “Like” the business page. Out of my 750 friends,  130 accepted that initial invitation within the first two days. At the time, I felt like a rockstar but I also knew that I need that number to be a lot larger.

I should back up and say when naming your Facebook business page; you should always have your name and “realtor” or “real estate agent” in the title of your page. Facebook is full of algorithms, so your page name, your hashtags, your posts…everything is important, and how you do it makes all the difference.

I went back to my personal page. I started looking for other industry professionals to “friend”. I wanted to meet them and learn how the industry worked for full-time professionals. Yes, I’d been a realtor for over 11 years, but it wasn’t my full-time job. I started becoming “friends” with lots of other realtors, brokers, escrow officers, and lenders.

Guess what happened?

They accepted my requests. In the weeks that followed, I had hundreds of friend requests from other industry professionals. Sure I had a block a few that snuck in, but overall it worked out great!

Once I gained all of these new contacts on my personal page, I sent them invites to “Like” my business page. I thought they’d all accept immediately. Wrong again! This took a few months of hard work, patience, and diligence. I sent lots of private messages. I went back to my old personal friends who didn’t initially accept my first invite and wrote personal messages asking them to “Like” my Facebook business page. I made sure to attach the link, making it easy for them to “Like.” When new friends didn’t respond to those blanket invitations, I sent them private messages, but I had to be careful to wait a certain amount of time. No one appreciates a pest.

I started getting lots of invites to “Like” my new friends’ business pages. I gladly accepted but with my “Like” I always sent a private message telling them I’d appreciate it if they’d return the favor so we could continue to support each other’s businesses, with the link to my page. This rarely failed.

Using My Brokerage’s Brand To My Advantage

For me, incorporating the Tru brand to build my own personal brand was an important necessity. Tru Realty is an exceptional brokerage and I’m proud to represent our brand. I want everyone out there to know how great Tru Realty is. We have an incredible brokerage with established, professional branding in place.

Why wouldn’t I use Tru’s branding to build my business?

I started inviting all of my friends to “Like” the Tru Realty Facebook page. Now, every time they see Tru, they think of me! The more “Likes” our Tru Realty page has, the more branding our brokerage has. That supports my personal business. It’s a strategy I will always promote and I’d encourage all agents to do this with their brokerage regularly.

Best Practices For A Realtor Facebook Page

I post frequently about deals I’m working on. I always use the Tru Realty templates. I modify some to suit myself, but there’s no denying it’s Tru Realty branded. I brag about my brokerage. I promote our brokerage. I promote and tag our real estate agents as well as ones from other brokerages. I do this because the more we talk about Tru Realty on social media, the more traction as a brokerage we receive. The comments and “Likes” you make are connected to you and your business. It’s a beautiful thing!

I’ve learned about the power of hashtags. A year ago, I didn’t even know what a hashtag was. I’ve learned about proper times to post to get the highest responses. Who knew? Today, I’m a “liking” machine! Guess what happens when you “Like “and comment on other people’s posts? They start liking and commenting on your posts. Facebook loves that. It’s called post engagement and that’s what you should be aiming for on your posts. The more engagement your post gets, the more likely that it is to show up in more people’s Facebook feeds. Yes, there’s a system to this!

The Importance of Social Media in Real Estate

I encourage you to learn all you can. There are other social media platforms. Some work better than others for real estate marketing. I’ve joined lots of social media realtor-specific groups and made so many wonderful connections in the industry as a result of my year-long effort to build my brand, promote Tru Realty and other agents (regardless of their brokerage). I continue to learn more about this all the time. There are plenty of agents who are much more skilled than I am. I pay attention to them and always ask questions. I’ve learned that no one is afraid to assist!

Good luck out there fellow real estate agents! It’s so much fun to watch your numbers grow! Keeping up with your Facebook and other social media platforms should be part of your business plan. It’s free, and such an incredible way to build a booming business. If I can do it, anyone can!

About the Author

Melissa Hoyt is a top-producing real estate agent at Tru Realty, a leading Scottsdale real estate brokerage. Melissa began her career in Phoenix real estate in 2005 and loves helping out other real estate agents. If you’d like to use Tru Realty’s branding and real estate marketing to your competitive advantage fill out the contact form below!


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