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Is Your Phoenix Real Estate Broker Really Tech Savvy?

Is Your Broker Really Tech Savvy?

The Phoenix real estate market is most certainly a noisy one with almost every brokerage saying they use “advanced technology platforms or providers” to help garner listings, showcase their properties and promote their agents.

Relying on digital technology to help manage leads and provide documents to clients has become a very important component of the day to day operations of a brokerage. It has literally changed the way real estate companies operate; without these platforms, most would likely be out of business or do significantly fewer sales than they currently do.  Nearly every brokerage claims to be using the most up-to-date, cutting-edge platforms and markets themselves as a “tech-savvy” broker. But what does being “tech savvy” broker mean for the real estate agents that work there and more importantly the client experience?

How do we create a technology advantage?

It’s here where I try to avoid divulging our “secret tech sauce”, but smugly point to how we service our clients leveraging our technology advantages and bolstered that with our absolutely amazing team of well-trained agents. I would also like to gloat just a wee bit on how we use technology to differentiate Tru Realty as a brand.

I will first say this … Tru Realty is not a tech company. We are a fresh and robust real estate company in Phoenix that partners with the very best in real estate tech companies so that we can better serve our valued clients and facilitate growth in a highly competitive marketplace. This allows us as a brokerage to provide a better experience for all parties involved in a real estate transaction: the client, the agent, the brokerage, the title company, etc. Our workflow is seamless, timely and readily reviewable. Our technology partners help us move the sales process more efficiently and faster than our competitors, which pleases both the buyer and the seller. It also gets the agent paid quicker so it’s a win-win-win for everyone (yes, I really wanted to emphasize that everyone is winning here, so I threw an extra one in there).

Tru Realty is very happy being progressive in our use of technology platforms, but we never want it to be something that we rely upon. We’ll leave the tech business to our amazing partners who have the bandwidth to create and recreate software that keeps pace with our dynamic industry.

About the Author

Sarah C. Richardson is one of the preeminent leaders of residential real estate in Arizona. As the CEO and founder of Tru Realty, she is responsible for both the daily operations and oversight of the multiple growth strategies that the brokerage carries out. Sarah launched Tru Realty in 2010 as a way to serve a marketplace that was seeing a shift from auction centric fix/flips to an MLS flow. She is now rethinking the way her brokerage uses technology to better serve clients and agents alike.


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