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A Tru Story by Sarah C. Richardson

From the grand opening of the brand new Tru Realty offices…

“In business, I find that the better I know someone, the better we can work together to exceed their goals. Most of the time, people that do what I do for a living don’t really want to get to know you on a personal level. Sure, there is important business related information that we share with our clients and our team, but really getting to know someone helps you to appreciate the person you are working with.

With that in mind, I’d like to share with you my story. There’s no agenda here. Just some insight on my background and how I got where I am today. Tru Realty is a reflection of who I am and how I strive to make every transaction a positive one for everyone involved. Thank you in advance for taking the time to learn more about me, I look forward to learning more about you.

I was raised in a small town outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the winters were bitter cold and the enormous mosquitoes were recognized as the state bird. My family had means and nice things but mostly I grew up in a splintered home. My parents split when I was 16 and needless to say that was a pivotal time for me. I always dreamed of living somewhere else, doing anything else but dealing with feuding parents. I managed to finish high school with good grades and was accepted into Arizona State University.

When I arrived in Tempe in 1996, I instantly felt that I was in a better place with lots of exciting opportunities.  I gave college four good years and being young, I decided it was best to leave school and start working.  I held various restaurant and bar jobs throughout the valley and eventually landed at a golf course in Scottsdale.  One thing people close to me knew, I am a workhorse and when I make a commitment I stick to it.  I took this job in my mid 20’s and became the food and beverage manager, the event coordinator and I took on everything else that came my way. I considered this my first real career.  I was very dedicated and put in a great deal of work to be successful. Like a lot of you, I wasn’t ready to settle. So I ditched the long hours and free golf for the pursuit of a better life.

In 2004, I enrolled at the Arizona School of Business and Real Estate. Upon graduating my first job was in commercial real estate with a company called Retail Brokers.  I shadowed a senior agent there that literally put me through the ringer. The training was grueling and the reminiscent of hazing that you would experience in college.  I didn’t particularly care for it, but it proved to be an invaluable experience.  I probably wouldn’t be where I am today without the difficult teachings that I experienced in my first real estate job.

In the few years, I learned more about the real estate industry than any schooling or training program could ever provide.  When the market crash occurred in 2008 I knew that I would need to create my own success in real estate.  As numerous people exited the business, I dove headlong into the industry. I ended up at a boutique brokerage working for a friend flipping homes that we bought at auction. We managed to have some great success despite the difficult business climate and within a year I decided it was time to strike out on my own. I received my broker license and became the founder of Tru Realty.

From 2010 to 2013, I successfully facilitated over 200 fix and flips in Maricopa County; the investment market was booming!  We were a scrappy company that had all of our agents and brokers working from home.

In 2013, I met a talented agent by the name of Asher Cohen. He was also working in the investor market and was successfully facilitating hundreds of deals for various private equity firms like Blackstone and Colony.  Together we recognized that flipping homes would not be a sustainable business and that we needed to adapt to the ever-changing and more robust market conditions.

Asher joined the Tru Realty team in November 2013 as our Director of Sales. His leadership and acumen helped us to create the Tru training and mentorship curriculum that we use to this day.  We shared a common goal to create a successful real estate company with our superior training platform. We agreed to put business ethics and technology as our core competencies and we hit the market looking for the best talent we could find.

Today I look at our new expansive offices; our amazing team of talented agents and our talented team manager as a dream come ‘Tru’.  I knew my dreams of a better life would come true with hard work. The success we create as a brokerage will help us shape the changing real estate landscape. I look forward to building a successful future and providing excellence to those that we love and hold dear.”

-Sarah Richardson

About the Author

Sarah C. Richardson is one of the preeminent leaders of residential real estate in Arizona. As the CEO and founder of Tru Realty, she is responsible for both the daily operations and oversight of the multiple growth strategies that the brokerage carries out. Sarah launched Tru Realty in 2010 as a way to serve a marketplace that was seeing a shift from auction centric fix/flips to an MLS flow. She is now rethinking the way her brokerage uses technology to better serve clients and agents alike.


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