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Real Estate Agents During COVID-19

Certain Service in Uncertain Times

It’s not uncommon to hear news reports of dire economic conditions that negatively affect the real estate market. Could the housing market completely collapse? It certainly doesn’t seem likely as we did see a slow down in March but a return to some normalcy in April. Showing counts and new escrows are up while overall home values have remained steady. We are seeing multiple offers on homes in the $400K range which is reflective of our pre COVID-19 market.

However, we can’t duck uncertainty as real estate professionals. We need to address it head on and in doing so, provide our clients with the same extraordinary customer service that they should expect from a Tru Realty agent.

Being a good real estate agent means being a great consultant. Whether your client is buying or selling, you should be 100% transparent in what each action means to them from a personal and financial standpoint. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being the real estate professionals that we’ve been trained to be.

Connect with your Client

I was once told human connection is the energy exchanged between people who are paying attention to one another. We need to be there for our clients to provide insight, direction, and peace of mind. It is not about selling. We provide solutions and right now the solution is clarity. Emailing, texting, video calling—generally making yourself available in ways that suit each individual client’s needs should be high priority right now to ensure they know you are here for them.

Remember, the best way to communicate with someone is to be a good listener. I cannot stress that enough.

Specific Insight for their Specific Market

A good way to provide clarity to your clients is to apply specific facts about their home, their neighborhood and their community. Consumers have a tendency to apply what they hear/see on the national news to their specific situation. It’s understandable but it’s also problematic.

This communication falls on you as the real estate agent. You should know the ins and outs of their area. Communicate with your client what you know so they can have a more realistic understanding of their options. That news may not be positive but your obligation to your client transcends everything else. They will appreciate your candor and will remember you for your professional honesty.

Positivity is Contagious

Having a positive attitude is good for you and your clients. People are drawn to those of us that stay upbeat. Although we all recognize the ups and downs that life has to offer, there is simply no benefit in letting it bring you down.

Your clients want someone who brings knowledge and energy to the process of buying or selling a home. Do the little things that set you apart and start by always having a positive attitude

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About the Author

Asher Cohen is a licensed Realtor and Director of Sales at Tru Realty. He specializes in residential real estate in the greater Phoenix area. Asher and his team are committed to professional, reliable, and knowledgeable service to all of their clients—from first time home buyers to seasoned investors. He’s experienced in all facets of the market and takes great pride in listening to his clients’ needs to provide the best possible service.

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