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Continuing Education In Real Estate Phoenix Training

Learning Beyond Real Estate School

The lure of independence and freedom to work on my own drove me to the real estate industry. At the beginning of my transformation into a new career in real estate, I learned quickly that what they teach you in real estate school hardly scratches the surface of what you need to know to be successful.

Like many, I dove into securing my license with vigor and motivation.

I hardly noticed that only a few times throughout my licensing education did the words entrepreneur, business owner, and marketer ever come up. There was no discussion about developing a business plan or any talk of setting up a PLLC. No mention of contact management databases, websites, and social media marketing either.

These concepts were simply not part of the curriculum. In real estate school, we were on a mission to learn what was required to pass the exams.

Just pass the test!

We were mired down in learning about police powers, easements, deeds, calculating IRV, CAP, GRM, encumbrance, liens, latches, chattel, mort, and more! Exam prep, flash cards, and online practice tests were the focus. What they don’t tell you is that licensing is just the very first small step to success in this amazing career.

I passed real estate school! Now what?

Getting my head around the concept that I was an independent business owner and entrepreneur was a new one for me. I quickly learned that I must operate as such to build the foundation for long-term success. I realized I had not considered this enough when making this career leap.

In real estate school, they don’t teach you about setting up a PLLC, social media marketing, contact management databases, website setup, real estate business planning, how to develop a real estate marketing plan, no real-life scenarios and role playing on how to conduct an open house, how to have a successful listing presentation

…the list goes on.

Lest I forget the most important thing, there isn’t a single discussion in real estate school of where is your business is going to come from, where and how to farm, and how to perfect your networking skills to create lasting business referrals.

Fortunately, I have a strong business background and brought many tools and skills with me into my new career. Regardless of my past success, the learning curve was still very steep. The list of things you need to do to set up your business for success is very long.

Choosing the right brokerage after real estate school

Right after you successfully pass your real estate exams, the best advice I can give you is to select a brokerage who will help you to pick up where real estate school leaves off. Select a brokerage that will transition you from newly licensed real estate agent to a “true” business owner, can make or break whether you will be a statistic or a success.

Select a brokerage that will help you understand you are a business owner and will meet the struggle and challenges of a first-year agent with positive solutions to help move your business forward. Select a brokerage that will assist you in providing direction on deals and contracts, provide tools, training, one-on-one mentoring, and technology to build your business.

These are the reasons that I chose Tru Realty as my Phoenix brokerage home. Tru Realty provides me with all of the resources I need to be successful.

Do sales come through your own network and hustle? Yes!

But does a successful business get built alone? No!

You may be able to pass the real estate school exams on your own, but turning your real estate license into a successful business and career requires another level of education that isn’t provided at your local real estate school. A forward-thinking brokerage like Tru Realty can make all the difference in the outcome of your success.

Select a brokerage that can make you a success, not a statistic!

About the Author

Shauna Huisman is a real estate agent at Tru Realty, a Scottsdale-based real estate brokerage. Along with 20+ years as a senior sales management executive, Shauna leverages her real estate marketing and real estate training to help her clients realize their goals and find their dream home. If you think that a career in Scottsdale real estate is right for you and you want to be a success like Shauna, fill out the contact form below!


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