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Diversity In The Real Estate Workplace

Let’s Talk Diversity in the Real Estate Workplace

With the media on high alert, it seems like the topic of diversity and inclusion in the workplace has been pulled to the forefront more than ever before. It has entered conversations everywhere from newscasts to podcasts with everyone weighing in on the topic. Employers across all industries are increasingly seeking ways to create equal opportunity for employees regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

At Tru Realty we support an open, inclusive workplace environment. We are always looking for talented, hard-working agents that are representative of our entire community.

The recent uptick in media attention on the issue has inspired me to take a closer look at the real estate industry as a whole and how we approach diversity in the workplace. While I’ve always thought that real estate agents represent a strong balance across demographics, I wanted to see what the statistics said.

1. Women

Women play a huge role in residential real estate sales and leadership positions are growing in increasing numbers. I was excited to find out that over 65% of Realtors nationwide are female and many of them are among the top performers in the industry. Furthermore, women are starting to lead large, influential firms across the country. Examples of this are: Dottie Herman with Douglas Elliman, Pam Liebman with Corcoran, and Sherry Chris with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

As a female leader of a rapidly growing brokerage, I can’t help but be incredibly inspired and proud of this trend.

2. Age

Some of the most talented and successful real estate agents I have met are those who have seen the industry through multiple housing downturns. The ones who have consistently leveraged their experience to price and negotiate a tough sell are pillars of the industry. Their value comes at no surprise to me. Another significant advantage of being in the industry for a decade-plus is repeat business. Americans typically sell their home every five to seven years. This means for every decade an agent is in business, they have the potential to see a recurring pipeline of clients.

3. Immigrants

As we continue to see more and more immigrants moving to the US, agents who speak different languages and can relate to a diverse clientele have become increasingly important. Our agents at Tru Realty are able to speak several languages from Spanish, French, Arabic, Romanian, Russian, and Hebrew. We believe that knowledge of different cultures allows us to better serve our client base. Like all of our clients, we are committed to helping them do all we can to help them exceed their real estate goals.

4. The LGBTQ Community

LGBTQ communities across the nation are rightfully standing up to be properly recognized. No longer hiding in the periphery, this wonderfully outgoing part of our community is moving up, ascending in their professional lives, buying and selling homes. They are also serving as high performing professionals in the real estate industry. Organizations like the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP) have become a driving force in our industry.

5. Multi-careering Agents

The day-to-day of an agent requires a dynamic set of skills. Often times that skill set is more dynamic when it can source experience from another field. A recent study showed that real estate was the first career for only 4% of Realtors. This is fascinating. The professional diversity that agents bring to the job makes real estate a rich environment of continued learning, inspiration, and self-improvement opportunities. Best practices from other industries like marketing, finance, law, fashion, and the arts have entered into the business of real estate through osmosis. These backgrounds greatly enhance the customer experience that agents are able to offer.

While I’m encouraged by the diverse makeup of our industry, we can — and must — do more to create opportunities for everyone, at all levels. At Tru Realty we continue to stay focused on diversity all while striving to attract talented agents who are treating real estate as a profession, staying educated, and who are committed to providing an amazing client experience. It all starts in our mentorship program. Want to learn more? Contact me at or call the office at 480-327-6700.

About the Author

Sarah C. Richardson is one of the preeminent leaders of residential real estate in Arizona. As the CEO and founder of Tru Realty, she is responsible for both the daily operations and oversight of the multiple growth strategies that the brokerage carries out. Sarah launched Tru Realty in 2010 as a way to serve a marketplace that was seeing a shift from auction centric fix/flips to an MLS flow. She is now rethinking the way her brokerage uses technology to better serve clients and agents alike.


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