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Be Thankful Real Estate Agents

On Thanksgiving, we take time to reflect on the many things we are thankful for in our lives. There are friends, family, and a symbolic feast that sets the stage for our time to be grateful. Thanksgiving lives up to its name as we reflect on all of the things that make our lives so blessed.

I have to wonder how often we, as real estate professionals, feel thankful for the career we have. I feel like we work in an exciting industry with extraordinary people who provide us with so many moments to cherish.

When I reflect on my career and the work that my peers and I do I find there to be so many great advantages to working in real estate. 

Overseen Benefits of a Real Estate Career

As a real estate agent, I am an independent business owner. I am in control of my earning potential. I don’t have a job that pays me a set salary that always seems to be for hours that are less than set. Yes, my work week may include weekends but it also includes the days off that I dictate to be days off.

Ever shopped for groceries on a Tuesday morning as opposed to a Saturday afternoon? Ever enjoyed a weekday morning at the park with your child? Enough said.

As a real estate agent, I am an entrepreneur. I am my own boss. I can adjust my work to accommodate my financial needs or my financial desires. I don’t miss important moments with my family.  I can control the days I work and the hours needed to accomplish my goals.

I don’t need to wait for approval from corporate to make critical decisions that grow my business. No one is giving me orders and being a real estate agent allows me to be the person I am, not the person I have to be to fill a particular job title.

I am my own brand and that to me is empowering.

Truly Thankful

This holiday season I am hopeful that all of you have many, many reasons to be thankful. I pray that all of you reading this have the countless blessings you deserve in your life. For those of us who work as real estate agents, we can add all the wonderful attributes of our careers to our list. Recognizing these benefits will help to propel us during slow times and perhaps motivate us to even greater success.

If you’re looking for a brokerage that helps you to succeed, that celebrates your wins, and gives you even more reasons to be grateful, call me directly at 480.327.6700 or email me at .

Let me be the first to wish the very best this holiday season. Thank you for a great year and thank you for helping to make this career an amazing one for me and my family.

About the Author

Sarah C. Richardson is one of the preeminent leaders of residential real estate in Arizona. As the CEO and founder of Tru Realty, she is responsible for both the daily operations and oversight of the multiple growth strategies that the brokerage carries out. Sarah launched Tru Realty in 2010 as a way to serve a marketplace that was seeing a shift from auction centric fix/flips to an MLS flow. She is now rethinking the way her brokerage uses technology to better serve clients and agents alike.


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