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Four Tips Realtors Can Learn From Attorneys

Why Being An Attorney Makes Me A Better Real Estate Agent

I fell in love with real estate over ten years ago. No, not from watching HGTV or because it’s in my bloodline, but because it appeals to me as a way to help others. When people ask what I do my response is “I’m a Realtor and a real estate attorney.” Most people give me puzzled looks and say “Wow, you must be busy!” or “You really do it all!”, but it makes perfect sense to me and here’s why.

While attending law school in Chicago, my classmates and I took our required courses and figured out what type of lawyers we wanted to be. Most of my peers wanted to be litigators, divorce attorneys, or criminal lawyers. I seemed to be the only one who loved our property law course. Everything about real estate intrigued me and it quickly became a passion of mine. From that moment on, I set my sights on my goal of becoming a real estate attorney.

In order to get experience in real estate sales, I obtained my license. I enjoyed helping friends and family find their dream homes while I finished up law school. After graduating, I worked as a mortgage foreclosure attorney representing banks and in-house counsel for a private equity group who purchased delinquent tax certificates.

After living in Chicago for 10 years, I had my fill of cold winters so I moved to Arizona to be closer to sunshine and my twin brother. Soon after I obtained my Arizona license and began working for a collection firm. Of course living in Arizona only fueled my passion for real estate, so I started my own law firm, Myers Law Group, PLLC and my real estate sales career took off!

It took moving here for me to realize what an asset it is to have a law degree as a real estate agent. Unlike many other states, no lawyers are involved in the purchase and sale of properties. Agents are left to practice law by default.

Here are four unique traits of an attorney that can help you to be a better real estate agent…

1. High Attention To Detail

Anyone who has bought or sold a home here in Arizona can attest to that there is A LOT of paperwork. Lawyers are very detail-oriented and adept at reviewing lengthy, complicated documents. I’ve caught incorrect legal descriptions that could have cost my clients both time and money. Also when mistakes aren’t caught early, it’s much more difficult to fix down the road. Being an agent that views documents like an attorney will only further protect you and your clients.

2. Stellar Negotiation Skills

Few people appreciate the value of a good negotiator. With a law background, I negotiate on a daily basis. That’s not to say I’m a “shark”. Instead, a professional, direct, and kind approach works best when you know your stuff (I only bring out the shark when absolutely necessary). I’ve seen many deals fall through because agents are unprofessional or arrogant, which turns off not only the other agent but the client as well. On the other end, an inexperienced negotiator reveals information that affects you getting the highest offer as seller and the lowest price as buyer. Mastering your communication and negotiation skills will help you achieve the best results while allowing you to close deals as seamlessly as possible.

3. Forward Thinking

As a lawyer, I’m trained to prevent future litigation. How should this contract read to best serve my client? When attorneys aren’t involved in the sales process, mistakes are made and left to be dealt with after the sale – in a lawsuit! The last thing you want is for your client to purchase their dream home and end up in court. Did the buyer assume the solar lease? Did the seller fully disclose? Very few agents know that it’s important to order and review your seller’s title report before listing the home. I’ve caught judgments attached to a property that the client did not know existed, and encroachments that were discovered while under contract that affected the sale. Those issues should be addressed before the home is listed for sale, not after it’s too late.

4. Adept In Conflict Resolution

Lawyers deal with conflict on a daily basis as their profession. The importance of staying calm to communicate effectively with all parties is nothing new to them. Sometimes real estate can be just as stressful as being in a courtroom. Having experienced the stresses of a lawyer, it’s much easier to handle similar difficulties when I’m serving as the realtor.

About the Author

Audrey Myers is a professional real estate agent at Tru Realty with a background in real estate law that gives her an edge on the competition. Her background, drive, intelligence, and disposition are what you want in your real estate agent. If you have any questions or need help with your home search, feel free to reach out to


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