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Becoming An Excellent Real Estate Listing Agent

By December 6, 2017No Comments

At Tru Realty, we work to develop each and every skill set a real estate agent needs to have in order to have a successful real estate career.  As most people know, there are a number of unique tasks that a real estate agent must master to succeed at this job; being an outstanding real estate listing agent is one of them.

What Is A Real Estate Listing Agent?

The primary job of a real estate listing agent is to get the home that is being sold in front of as many potential buyers as possible. Whereas that seems simple enough, it is best that the listing agent does some homework before the “FOR SALE” signpost is stuck in the front yard.

It is important for the listing agent to have a thorough understanding of the seller’s motivations and goals for selling their home. It is also imperative that the listing agent has a solid understanding of the homes features, benefits, and other nuances in order to formulate the right marketing plan to attract the right home buying audience. This information can also be valuable for the professional photo shoot that ultimately will provide the first impressions that generate interest from the buyers.

Steps to Becoming a Better Real Estate Listing Agent

The real estate listing agent should create a game plan that puts the sale in a position to succeed well before the MLS listing goes live. All of this is covered in the training and mentorship that our new real estate agents receive at Tru Realty.

For an agent to represent our brand, we need them to understand all the critical steps to being an effective real estate listing agent. These include:

  • Identifying the seller’s goals
  • Knowing the home, the property, and the neighborhood
  • Recognizing any pertinent market trends
  • Developing a staging strategy and a professional photo shoot
  • A showing schedule that works for the seller, buyers, and agent
  • Creating a game plan that maximizes the home’s exposure to a highly relevant audience
  • Proper alignment of any needed outside resources (CPA, insurance, etc.)
  • Custom search which may or may include a Pre-MLS strategy
  • FAQ’s (especially important for first-time sellers)

It is common for real estate agents to take a listing live before taking the proper steps needed to ensure a successful sale while providing a positive experience to your client. As with many things in life, proper preparation is the key to a successful experience. At Tru Realty, our real estate training and mentorship program will teach you how to be a great real estate agent.

About the Author

Asher Cohen is a licensed Realtor and Director of Sales at Tru Realty. He specializes in residential real estate in the greater Phoenix area. Asher and his team are committed to professional, reliable, and knowledgeable service to all of their clients—from first time home buyers to seasoned investors. He’s experienced in all facets of the market and takes great pride in listening to his clients’ needs to provide the best possible service.

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